With Approval Rating In Freefall and “Apparent Vulnerabilities” Dragging Down Her Campaign, Senator Ernst’s Election-Year Prospects Worsen By the Day

On the heels of an Iowa poll showing the third-most unpopular senator in the country Senator Joni Ernst has grown drastically more unpopular with Iowa voters, the Cook Political Report has shifted its race rating towards Democrats

Citing the “increasing competitiveness of the race” and Senator Ernst’s “apparent vulnerabilities” after a half decade voting against the interests of Iowans, the rating change is yet another indicator of the mounting odds against her vulnerable re-election. Senator Ernst’s election-year fallout has even spurred Mitch McConnell’s dark money group to launch a million-dollar rescue mission to cover up Ernst’s record of blocking efforts to lower prescription drug costs. 

“Senator Joni Ernst has dedicated her half-decade in Washington to fighting for Mitch McConnell and her special interest backers – even when it means voting against Iowans. As the election draws closer, it’s becoming more apparent by the day that Iowa voters are ready for a new senator who will fight for them,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson.

All the while, Senator Ernst continues to dodge questions from Iowans on FEC complaints from campaign finance watchdogs of illegal coordination between her re-election campaign and her dark money group.