Today, following the U.S. Senate vote passing a relief package providing vital aid to Iowans most in need, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith released the following statement:

“This relief package – providing Iowans paid sick leave, food and financial safety nets, free testing, and more – is a vital, yet overdue, measure to help stem the coronavirus outbreak and its economic reverberations across Iowa communities,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith.

“However, as Iowans’ financial and health situation grows more dire by the day, there is urgent work to be done. After the Trump administration’s unprepared and inadequate response from the onset of this pandemic, Iowa communities are hamstrung in their ability to support workers, businesses, and those most in need.

“Health care providers are starved for medical tools and safety equipment, and economic relief for workers and families cannot wait on more hold-ups and delays. Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley must show the leadership this crisis demands, use their rank in GOP Leadership to end Mitch McConnell’s legislative roadblock, and pass urgent relief for Iowans who cannot afford another delay.”