Despite a Multi-Million Dollar GOP Ad Blitz Lying About Her Record, Ernst’s Threats to Health Care Have Defined and Are Dragging Down Her Re-Election Campaign

In new election analysis, Lee Newspapers Des Moines Bureau Chief Erin Murphy detailed how Senator Joni Ernst’s failing campaign is “on the defense” in the final days of the election over her votes to end coverage protections for pre-existing conditions. 

According to the report, Ernst’s campaign has been dogged by her record of voting “multiple times” to repeal the ACA, which could have let insurers deny coverage to Iowans “just because they have a serious health condition.” Recent reports have found that Ernst’s career efforts to end health coverage have lost key support from critical swing voters.

With her campaign consistently down in the polls, Big Pharma, the insurance industry, and Mitch McConnell’s allies are spending big to try to save Ernst’s seat – and for good reason: Ernst has put their interests ahead of Iowans in Washington. 

“Senator Ernst’s career effort to end protections for pre-existing conditions is on the ballot, and that has spelled doom for her re-election,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson. “Even as Mitch McConnell’s allies spend millions on TV ads to lie about her record, Senator Ernst continues to push forward her anti-health care agenda by enabling the Supreme Court to end coverage protections for pre-existing conditions. Washington changed Ernst, and Iowans know that they can’t trust Ernst with their health care.”