The Ernst-Backed GOP Lawsuit to Repeal the ACA Could Let Insurers Discriminate Against Iowans Infected With COVID-19

Down in the polls with “time running out to turn around her reelection campaign,” Senator Joni Ernst has once again launched a desperate and deceitful TV ad falsely claiming that she’s fighting to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Senator Ernst’s election year cover-up is debunked by her own six years spent voting to gut those coverage protections. She also supports the GOP lawsuit before the Supreme Court to repeal the ACA, which – if successful – could even let insurers discriminate against the tens of thousands of Iowans who’ve contracted COVID-19.

“The fact that Senator Ernst is peddling these obvious lies in the final days of the election is yet another sign that her campaign is quickly sinking, without any strategy to right the ship,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson. “Senator Ernst spent six years working for her insurance industry donors by voting to let them discriminate against Iowans with pre-existing conditions, and she’s made clear that she’d do it again with six more years in Washington.”

Check the facts on Senator Ernst’s desperate and dishonest TV ad:



Ernst claims she’s standing up to insurance companies.

Ernst’s campaign has taken over $350,000 from the insurance industry. All the while, she voted to put Iowans’ health on the line in order to advance the industry’s agenda in Washington.

Ernst claims that “no American should ever be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.”

Ernst has repeated voted for, supported, and introduced measures that could let insurers deny coverage or charge more to Iowans with pre-existing conditions:


Ernst co-wrote The Obamacare Repeal Act, which would have ended protections for pre-existing conditions. [2/2/2015]


Ernst voted to fully repeal the ACA without a replacement and strip protections for pre-existing conditions. [Senate Vote 253, 7/26/2015]


Ernst voted to advance a bill that “would have let insurers charge more to those with pre-existing health conditions…that different treatment fits the definition of discrimination.” [KCRG, 9/30/2019]


Ernst voted for the “skinny repeal” bill, which would have enabled insurers to “discriminate against pre-existing conditions.” [Cedar Rapids Gazette, 9/30/2019]


Ernst voted for the BCRA, which would have allowed insurers to design policies that didn’t cover treatments for pre-existing conditions. [Washington Post, 6/28/2017]


Ernst bragged about having “the courage” to vote for a bill to end coverage protections for pre-existing conditions. [Cedar Rapids Gazette, 9/22/2017]


After multiple GOP health care attacks failed, Ernst announced her support for a plan in which people with pre-existing conditions “could face significantly higher premiums.” [AARP, 9/21/2017]


Ernst voted to defend toxic “junk” insurance plans that let insurers exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. [The Hill, 10/10/2018]


Ernst co-wrote a health care bill scored as a “fraud,” “mirage,” and “shell game” that could fail to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions. [Huff Post, 8/24/2018]


Ernst co-wrote “The Protect Act,” that made a “false promise” to protect people with pre-existing conditions. [Los Angeles Times, 4/12/2019]