Fact Check Debunks Ernst’s Lies on Her Efforts to Enable Her Insurance Industry Donors to Discriminate Against Iowans with Underlying Medical Conditions

As Senator Joni Ernst, her dark money group, and Mitch McConnell’s allies spend millions on ads trying to cover up Ernst’s health care record, a new KCRG Fact Check has once again confirmed that Senator Joni Ernst has “very clearly supported” ending coverage protections for pre-existing conditions. This is at least the fourth fact check finding that Ernst tried to let insurers deny or price Iowans out of health coverage.


The fact check concluded that Senator Ernst “very clearly supported the effort that includes repealing protections for pre-existing conditions.”

A recent Cedar Rapids Gazette report found that Ernst is “on the defense” over these voters in the final days of the election. An October KFF poll found that 72% of voters – including 73% of independents – support coverage protections for pre-existing conditions.

“Senator Ernst’s lies about her efforts to end coverage protections for pre-existing conditions have grown even more desperate as voters turn out in record numbers to reject another six years in Washington. The truth is, Ernst’s votes would have rewarded her insurance industry donors, while leaving Iowans with underlying medical conditions at greater risk in this pandemic,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson.