Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Trump and Pence’s Broken Promises, Failed Leadership On Display In Iowa

DES MOINES  — President Trump and Vice President Pence both phoned into Iowa for telerallies and interviews yesterday, and their broken promises were on full display. Take a look at Trump and Pence’s falsehoods and how their actions have negatively impacted Iowans in reality:

Trump said he “saved millions of lives,” but his failure to address coronavirus has left tens of thousands sick and suffering 

FACT CHECK: Iowa surpassed 42,000 coronavirus cases this week and over 800 tragic deaths. Trump did not save lives — he left Iowans defenseless and without resources to combat the virus and tens of thousands have contracted COVID-19 as a result.  

Pence said “the risk to healthy children of the coronavirus is very low” and that “faculty that may be vulnerable” could be protected all while having no plan for safety in school reopenings 

FACT CHECK: Governor Reynolds has yet to announce her plan to keep children, educators, and faculty safe under her forced school reopening that defy the careful planning and control of local school districts. People of all ages, including children, can contract coronavirus and pass it on to older and more vulnerable family members. 

Trump said Iowa is “in a position better than it ever was” and Pence said “Iowa farmers have no better friend than President Donald Trumpdespite their administration’s unnecessary trade war and its devastating impact on Iowa farmers 

FACT CHECK: Iowa farmers are suffering as a direct result of Trump’s trade war. Soybean farmers face “stress, chaos” as Trump’s chaotic mishandling of a trade deal with China has left them behind and farmers are more reliant on government subsidies to curb their financial losses than ever before. 

Pence announced his intent to continue to support ethanol” in spite of Trump’s ethanol loopholes that favored big oil over everyday Iowans 

FACT CHECK: The 40,000 Iowans working in the ethanol industry have been hurt by Trump’s handouts to big oil companies. The EPA’s misuse of these waivers has led to decreased demand and job losses across the state. Trump’s handouts to mega-oil refineries are a slap in the face” to Iowa corn growers who are being hit from all sides of Trump’s agenda.

Trump said he opposes affordable housing for Iowans during a global pandemic

FACT CHECK: Iowans are being evicted and forced from their homes at record rates due to COVID-19 and Governor Reynolds’ failure to renew the eviction moratorium over two months ago. Iowans need affordable housing options now more than ever, yet Trump and the GOP blatantly oppose any help for struggling Iowa families.