Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Three Years After GOP-Backed ACA Repeal Failed, Republicans Are Still Trying to Rip Away Health Care

On the anniversary of the failed ‘skinny’ ACA repeal that could have left 16 million Americans without health coverage, GOP leaders are engaged in a lawsuit to eliminate the ACA

DES MOINES — Three years ago today, Sen. Joni Ernst voted for the Trump-backed bill to undermine the ACA that could have left up to 16 million Americans without health insurance and could have raised premiums up to 20%, Now amid an election-year and a global health crisis, GOP leaders are still relentlessly attempting to rip health care away from Iowans.

The Trump administration and Republican leaders across the country — with the silent support of Senator Ernst — are attempting to jam a lawsuit through the courts to repeal the entire ACA and leave 227,000 Iowans without insurance during the most devastating global pandemic..

Already this year, 38,000 Iowans have lost their health insurance due to COVID-19. If Republicans’ attempts to dismantle our national health care system had been successful, the number of uninsured and at-risk Iowans could be drastically higher and the pandemic’s devastating consequences all the worse.

“Even during a global pandemic, the GOP’s only plan for health care is to rip it away from as many Iowans as possible,” said Iowa Democratic Party Communications Director Mandy McClure. “While Democrats are running to expand access to affordable, high-quality health care, GOP leaders like Trump and Ernst have been relentless in their attempt to deny health coverage to Iowans.”