As Mike Pence and Asa Hutchinson drop into the state today, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart released the following statement:

“Mike Pence and Asa Hutchinson are about to find out how out of touch they are with the people of Iowa and our values.” 

“Iowans believe that our friends and neighbors – not Republican politicians – deserve to decide for themselves if, when, and with whom they want to have a family. We believe in paying a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work and safeguarding Medicare and Social Security so every Iowan can retire with dignity. We believe in standing up to bullies who target the most vulnerable in our communities.”

“As Pence and Hutchinson push for their harmful and unpopular policies, Iowans will be the first in the nation to contrast Republicans’ extreme agenda with the Democrats’ record of delivering for working families and our commitment to putting people over politics.”


As Donald Trump’s right-hand man for four years and a member of the “Tea Party before it was cool,” Mike Pence has been pushing an extreme agenda for his entire career:

  • Was the first prominent Republican to call for a national abortion ban after Roe v. Wade was overturned

  • Helped pass the Trump-Pence tax giveaways that rigged the economy for corporations and the ultra-rich

  • Backed Trump’s efforts to strip healthcare from millions of Americans

  • Advocated for privatizing Social Security and stood by Trump’s proposals to cut Medicare and Social Security programs every year they were in office

Meanwhile, Asa Hutchinson implemented the MAGA agenda in Arkansas:

  • Signed one of the strictest abortion bans in the country with no exceptions for rape or incest

  • Restricted access to Medicaid and supported the repeal of the ACA, including its protections for people with preexisting conditions

  • Sided with Big Pharma instead of supporting efforts to lower prescription drug costs