Below is a statement from Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart regarding Nikki Haley’s 2024 campaign for President:

“Iowans know how to vet presidential candidates and Iowa Democrats are looking forward to shining a light on the string of Republicans like Nikki Haley who will try to hide from their record over the next year.”

“Haley can’t hide from her embrace of extreme and unpopular policies – even before joining the corrupt Trump Administration.”

“As governor of South Carolina, Haley endorsed a Republican plan to ‘end Medicare as we know it,’ signed a total abortion ban, pushed for tax giveaways for corporations and the super-wealthy, and refused to expand affordable health care access to hundreds of thousands of Americans.” 

“A clear, strong contrast exists between Democrats’ record of delivering for families and Republicans’ empty rhetoric and extremism. Iowans will be the first in the nation to see that.”