Ahead of Donald Trump’s stops across Iowa today, including a town hall with Fox News, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart released the following statement:

“Iowans should know better than to trust Donald Trump.  After all, he promised to hold China accountable, but didn’t, and in 2019, farm bankruptcies soared by 20% while exports fell by hundreds of millions of dollars.  His MAGA agenda failed our state and our communities. No amount of lies and spin will change the fact that Trump left Iowa’s small business owners, farmers, and families in the dust.” 

“Let’s be clear, Trump continues to peddle dangerous lies about the 2020 election while pushing extreme plans to cut Medicare and Social Security and push for a nationwide abortion ban. Iowans know it’s important to protect our freedoms, strengthen our democracy and finish the job with President Biden.”

Here’s a reminder of how Trump’s policies failed Iowa: