Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart issued the following statement ahead of Mike Pence’s expected 2024 announcement in Des Moines:

“Mike Pence has long championed one of the most extreme, anti-middle-class agendas in Congress and Indiana. Now, after serving as Donald Trump’s wingman in Washington, he’s looking to take the failed Trump-Pence policies that caused average farm income to fall to near 15-year lows and weakened our middle class even further. While Pence and the rest of the far-right Republican field push their anti-choice agenda, threaten Social Security, and undermine our most basic freedoms, Iowa Democrats will continue working to strengthen Iowa families and ensure we all have more rights, not fewer.”

Here’s what you need to know about Mike Pence’s Dangerous Extremism

  • Pence was among the first to call for a national abortion ban after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

  • Pence has called for ending Medicare as we know it and privatizing Social Security.

  • Pence is calling to make the Trump-Pence tax giveaways for the ultra-wealthy permanent, despite doing nothing to help the middle class.

  • Under the last administration, the Trump-Pence agenda ravaged Iowa’s farms causing average farm income to fall to near 15-year lows.