While back in Iowa this week, Senator Joni Ernst must face Iowans and explain to them why she wants to cut their hard-earned Social Security and Medicare benefits. After a new report caught Ernst secretly telling her DC donors that vital programs like Social Security and Medicare are “out of control,” Ernst needs to come clean on the agenda she’s pushing “behind closed doors” in Washington.

In the past month alone, Ernst refused to speak against President Trump’s plan to “look at” cuts to Social Security and Medicare, announced support for a bill that would continue to allow Big Pharma to hike prescription drug prices, and now has been caught red-handed calling for major cuts to Iowans’ earned retirement benefits.

Senator Ernst needs to face voters and answer for her true agenda:

  1. Does Ernst agree that Washington should “look at” cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and believe that these programs are “out of control” and need to be reined in?
  2. Is Ernst supporting Senator Crapo’s pharmga-friendly prescription drug bill – backed only by Republicans who are drug industry allies – because Big Pharma has contributed $120,000 to her re-election campaign?
  3. Does Ernst support President Trump’s proposed budget, which would cut Medicaid and Medicare funding by $1.4 trillion?
  4. What is Ernst’s explanation for why she and her top aides broke campaign finance law by founding and illegally coordinating with a dark money group they’re using to help cover up her record of voting against Iowans’ health care?