Today, the Iowa Democratic Party returned recount assessments to the Buttigieg and Sanders campaigns regarding their limited-scope recount requests.

The IDP Recanvass/Recount Committee — in consultation with the DNC Voter Protection Team, and IDP legal advisors — reviewed each campaign’s submitted requests to determine whether the requests met the requirements for a recount. As a result of that determination, IDP will recount 10 precincts that were submitted by the Sanders campaign, and 14 precincts that were submitted by the Buttigieg campaign, for a total of 23 unique precincts.

The IDP has transmitted to the campaigns further details on costs associated with the recount and the timeline going forward. Campaigns have 24 hours from receipt of that information to provide the IDP with financial information to proceed with the request.

The Committee expects the recanvass to commence on Tuesday, February 25 and last for two days. The recount will be conducted by appointed recount administrators, under the supervision and direction of the Committee.  In accordance with the Delegate Selection Plan, up to two representatives from each presidential campaign will be allowed to oversee the precinct recount on site. Per the DSP, the recount room will not be open to the public or the press.