After Calling for Social Security Reforms “Behind Closed Doors,” Ernst is Eerily Quiet on Rollbacks After Trump Floats Plan to “Look At” Cuts

DES MOINES – With nearly 650,000 Iowans receiving Social Security benefits and over 610,000 on Medicare coverage, Iowans deserve to know: does Senator Joni Ernst agree that Washington should look at cuts to Social Security and Medicare?

So far, Senator Ernst’s only response is radio silence on this plan – but her record is clear: Not only has Ernst talked about privatizing Social Security, but she even proposed a bill that raids Social Security benefits taking “a sizable cut out of older Americans retirement payments.” Ernst also supported the reckless GOP Tax Scam in 2017, despite experts warning of massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. And she repeatedly voted for budgets calling for over $430 billion in cuts to Medicare.

Ernst has also said these cuts should be made behind closed doors “so we’re not being scrutinized.”

“Senator Ernst has broken her promise to ‘make Washington squeal,’ giving a green light to gut Iowans’ hard-earned retirement benefits to pay for massive tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthiest Americans,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson. “With a plummeting approval rating and her campaign growing more vulnerable by the day, it’s clear that Iowans are fed up with Senator Ernst’s Washington games and are ready for a leader who will fight for Iowa.”