Iowa Democrats Unveil Cost-Saving Solutions for Iowans as Republicans Continue to Spar Over Unpopular Policies

Republicans continue to argue over cutting critical AEA funding and access to family planning resources while Democrats introduce a slew of cost-saving measures

While Republicans continue to waste this legislative session stoking division and attempting to force through unpopular legislation that will harm our Area Education Agencies and prevent women from accessing family planning care and abortion services, Iowa Democratic lawmakers have come up with a plan to raise wages and reduce prices.

“Iowa Democrats understand that a lot of Iowans are having a hard time making ends meet right now, which is why Democratic lawmakers have come up with a list of bills that will increase wages and reduce costs for Iowa families,” said IDP Chair Rita Hart. “Meanwhile, Republicans are arguing about how much they should cut funding to crucial services Iowans rely on like those offered by our Area Education Agencies. Their priorities are extremely unpopular and out-of-touch with what Iowans really need.”

The legislative package will lower costs for Iowans and leave more money in their pockets by:

  • Raising the minimum wage

  • Expanding Iowa’s sales tax-free holiday to two weeks

  • Clearing Iowa’s Medicaid waiver list for Iowans with disabilities

  • Offering free childcare for childcare workers

More information about this plan is available at