Iowa Democrats Celebrate the Start of Black History Month

The Iowa Democratic Party proudly joins the nation in commemorating the commencement of Black History Month, a time to honor the rich contributions and achievements of Black Americans throughout history. As we reflect on the past, we also acknowledge the ongoing journey toward equality and justice for all.

As we celebrate the start of Black History Month, I encourage people to attend the different celebrations and events that are being held throughout the state of Iowa to acknowledge and celebrate events in Black History and the Black History makers that we have and have had here in the State of Iowa — like Alexander Clark Sr., E.A. Carter, Robert Wright Sr., Edna Griffin, Luther T. Glanton, Cheryl Browne, and more. We should also acknowledge some of the difficulties African Americans have faced throughout the history of this country so that we can acknowledge the troubles of the past as a lesson to never repeat those mistakes and to build a brighter future together.

People should not just celebrate the well-known names and events throughout Black History Month but also use this month as an opportunity to take the time to learn the stories of Black people at your school, your work, or in your communities. Take the time to learn about the lives of people around you and embrace their humanity.

Lastly, Black History is something that should be celebrated every month — not just February.” said IDP Black Caucus Chair Al Womble.

“This month is a time for us to celebrate the incredible impact that Black Americans have had on the fabric of our nation and our state. It is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the resilience, leadership, and cultural richness that shapes our diverse society. As Democrats, we remain committed to advancing policies that promote equality, justice, and opportunity for every American.” said IDP Chair Rita Hart.

The Iowa Democratic Party encourages all Iowans to take this month as an opportunity to learn about and celebrate the stories and accomplishments of Black Americans who have shaped our history. By recognizing and understanding the struggles and triumphs of the past, we can better work together to build a future that reflects the principles of justice, equality, and unity.