Des Moines – Following the passage of the Right to Contraception Act, Chair Ross Wilburn released the following statement highlighting Iowa Republicans’ extreme positions and deception. 

“Thank you Congresswoman Cindy Axne for continuing to stand up for reproductive freedoms and ensuring that Iowans retain the right to critical contraceptive health care. The right to control and make decisions about your own body gets at the very heart of what it means to be free,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Ross Wilburn. 

“Ashley Hinson, Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Randy Feenstra are too extreme for Iowa and are actively undermining a foundational liberty that allows Iowans to decide for themselves if, when and with whom they want to have a family.”

“Hinson and Miller-Meeks’ H.R. 8428 is a pathetic attempt to draw attention away from the right-wing rollback of our rights. It will not matter if birth control is available over the counter if it’s not available in the first place.”

“Iowa Democrats like Liz Mathis, Christina Bohannan and Ryan Melton will never stop fighting to protect Iowans’ access to birth control, no matter their ZIP code.” 

Hinson’s hypocritical history of rolling back Iowans’ rights:

  • When Ashley Hinson was unable to access reproductive health care quickly, she turned to Planned Parenthood for accessible, affordable care and spoke publicly about her experience. 
  • Rather than allow Iowans the same level of health care access she had, then-State Representative Hinson put politics ahead of people and voted to cut funding for family planning services. This vote led to the closure of four Planned Parenthood health centers across the state, leaving thousands of Iowans – especially those in rural communities – without access to reproductive health care.