Zach Nunn’s Pattern of Taking Credit for Others’ Work

Congressman Zach Nunn has shown a pattern of sitting idly by while others work for the betterment of the community he was elected to serve, and then he deceivingly takes credit for project after project. Here’s a recap of just some of the projects Nunn has wrongfully claimed as his own:

The Nunn Version What Really Happened
Nunn’s office tried to take credit for the opening of the Charles E. Lakin Child Development Center in Griswold, which will open on May 13.  
The earmarks for the Charles E. Lakin Child Development Center were secured by Democrat Cindy Axne, who helped secure $1 million in funding for the project – not Nunn, who has instead spent his time hiding from his constituents rather than holding a single town hall.
Nunn has long touted a bill he introduced to lower requirements for Americans to obtain federal loans to purchase farm businesses. 
It doesn’t take much to introduce a bill that has no legs. Nunn’s “work” on the bill is all smoke and mirrors, meant to distract you from the reality of his record, including his vote in April to dramatically cut federal loans to farmers via the Republican-led Limit, Save, Grow Act. 
When the Biden-Harris Administration announced E15 sales for this summer, Zach Nunn quickly claimed that the decision resulted from “months of pressure” from him.
This decision had nothing to do with Zach Nunn. In reality, the emergency fuel waivers for E15 sales were made by the Biden-Harris Administration in support of the creation of good-paying jobs and economic growth in rural and farm communities.

The decision was also made in collaboration with President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, which makes critical investments to expand biofuels’ availability. As a reminder: Zach Nunn voted against the Inflation Reduction Act.

“Zach Nunn has no right to claim credit for any of these projects or accomplishments. It was Cindy Axne who gave hope to this community via $1 million in funding for the Charles E. Lakin Child Development Center, not Zach Nunn,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart. “Zach Nunn has once again proven he’s keen to take the lazy way out by taking credit for project after project that he had no hand in. It’s time to elect a representative who will work for Iowans.”