Morning Consult Poll Reveals Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds as the Most Unpopular Governor in America

Today, new polling from Morning Consult found that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is the most unpopular governor in America, with over 47% of Iowans disapproving of the job Reynolds has done so far.

Chart displaying the approval versus the disapproval % numbers of the most popular and unpopular governors in America. Kim Reynolds is at the top of the chart, with the lowest popularity overall of any governor in the nation.

Reynolds’ unpopularity should come as no shock to anyone, given that she spent the last year calling a special session to pass an extreme and dangerous ban on abortion before most women know they are pregnant – and that lacked exceptions for children under 12

Additionally, Reynolds has launched unpopular and harmful attacks on Iowa’s public education from pushing through a harmful voucher scheme to wanting to cut funding to Iowa’s public schools by nearly $550,000 per district. Reynolds has also signed unpopular legislation that has resulted in almost 350 AEA workers leaving, as Iowa’s schools are already underfunded and understaffed. 

“Iowans have suffered too long because of Kim Reynolds’ failed record, and they’re making their displeasure loud and clear,” said IDP Spokesperson Paige Godden. “Kim Reynolds only has herself and her extreme record of banning abortion and attacking public education to blame for being named America’s most unpopular governor.”