Sunday, August 23, 2020


Trump Left Behind Suffering Iowans With Failure to Act On Derecho

The Cedar Rapids Gazette Editorial Board outlined the ways in which Iowans suffered because Trump took too long to approve relief

DES MOINES — Almost a week ago, President Trump claimed to have approved disaster relief for Iowans in full — but it was quickly revealed he was lying to Iowans. After an hour-long partisan campaign stunt in Iowa where he never even left the airport, Trump refused to grant individual assistance to homeowners and farmers after the derecho. Now, 13 days after the storm, Trump has still only approved aid for one of the 27 counties hit hardest by the storm.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette Editorial Board detailed the ways in which Trump’s delay hurt Iowans. Read key excerpts below:

The Gazette: Staff Editorial: Trump deals suffering Iowans an unnecessary delay

“During President Donald Trump’s swift visit to Cedar Rapids on Tuesday, the president was praised often for his quick action in approving Iowa’s request for a major federal disaster declaration. Trump didn’t stay long, and didn’t survey damage, but he did act fast on the state’s request, submitted Sunday and approved on Monday.

“But there was a catch. Trump crowed that he had approved it in “FULL,” but it turns out he only approved a fraction of Iowa’s $4 billion aid package. Aid for individuals and homeowners has yet to be approved, and it is desperately needed.

“And the truth is Gov. Kim Reynolds’ administration could have sought federal help days sooner. The delay left Cedar Rapids area residents without power and necessities, wondering when help would arrive. […]

“It’s one of the many frustrating, maddening breakdowns in disaster response, leaving tens of thousands of Iowans to face the aftermath amid uncertainty about when help would come. It came from neighbors and local groups, but a larger governmental response lagged behind.

“It shouldn’t have happened. And it can’t happen again in the future.”