Disparaging Iowans for “Bad Behavior of the Past,” Senator Ernst Made Clear She’s Content Leaving Communities More Vulnerable to the Crisis

Iowa communities are on the verge of laying off first responders and public workers and suspending essential services due to an “economic death spiral” brought on by the pandemic – but Senator Joni Ernst is standing in the way of direct relief.. 

Standing behind Mitch McConnell’s plan to leave state and local governments to file “bankruptcy,” Senator Joni Ernst continues to oppose new direct funding, saying that Iowa communities “don’t necessarily need federal support” and arguing the CARES Act was sufficient – even as budget analysts have made clear that the CARES Act is “woefully inadequate” to make up for revenue shortfalls.

Adding insult to injury, Senator Ernst hasn’t hesitated to disparage and lay blame on local communities for the economic crisis, calling new funding a “bailout” for “bad behavior of the past.” But Senator Ernst’s indifference is just her latest iteration of politicizing, downplaying, and turning a blind eye to the health and economic pain across Iowa – no matter the consequences of her inaction.

“Senator Joni Ernst has never thought twice about rubber-stamping handouts to corporate special interests, but when it comes to supporting Iowans through unprecedented hardship, she’s content leaving Iowa communities in the lurch,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson. “After opposing expanded unemployment benefits and paid sick leave, Senator Ernst is sitting on her hands as first responders and essential workers are soon to be laid off, leaving communities more vulnerable and perpetuating COVID-19’s economic consequences. For Senator Ernst, it’s CEOs over workers, and corporate backers over Iowa communities.”