While Senator Ernst Opposed Vital Relief, Claimed ‘Iowa has Fared Pretty Well,’ and ‘Pointed Fingers,’ COVID-19 Ravaged Communities Without the Testing and Resources Needed to Contain the Spread

Ahead of Senator Joni Ernst joining Vice President Pence’s trip to Iowa today, the Iowa Democratic Party released a new digital video, “Point Fingers.” The video holds Senator Ernst accountable for spending months politicizing and downplaying the COVID-19 crisis, opposing critical relief measures, and standing blindly behind the government’s failed response – while leaving Iowans without the leadership they need in this unprecedented crisis. 

WATCH: “Point Fingers

Since the onset of the crisis, Senator Ernst has treated COVID-19 as a political exercise. As Iowa faces some of the worst outbreaks in the country and is one of the only states still seeing a growth in the rate of spread, Senator Ernst continues to disregard the consequences, claiming, “Iowa has fared pretty well.” Making matters worse, Senator Ernst has repeatedly opposed urgently needed aid – including funding for new testing, expanded unemployment benefits, and money to support state and local governments – only to falsely claim credit for measures she voted against. 

Disregarding the reality of the situation, Senator Ernst continues to heap political praise on her party leaders, saying the White House was “right on it from day one” – even as the federal government’s delayed response has resulted in testing shortfalls, equipment shortages, and sick Iowans being turned away.

“By turning a blind eye to the severity of the crisis and pointing fingers instead of pushing solutions, Senator Joni Ernst has made clear that her political ambitions come first, no matter the consequences,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson. “Iowans deserve a senator who will put workers and families first and is willing to stand up to their own party to get the job done. But when Iowa needed leadership the most, Senator Joni Ernst was busy putting her party’s agenda above the needs of Iowans.”