Mayors unable to get tests despite rapid community spread, leading to sick workers being turned away

DES MOINES — Governor Kim Reynolds says Iowa can re-open early because of the state’s  quick, widespread testing capabilities. It’s why Vice President Pence says Iowa is a success despite the rising case numbers. And why Trump’s Secretary of Agriculture is pushing to accelerate packing plant production as early as next week. But the political rhetoric doesn’t match what’s happening on the ground as Iowans continue to face one of the worst outbreaks in the country.

Just today, ahead of Pence’s visit to Des Moines, Reynolds’ office admitted some of the Test Iowa tests were “potentially damaged” leading to further reporting delays and confusion. Some Iowans who received the earliest Test Iowa tests are still waiting on results nearly two weeks later.

On top of the testing shortages, the enormous risk caused by GOP leaders prematurely reopening the country is so grave, the Trump administration has now “shelved” the CDC’s recommendations for reopening because they run counter to the reckless political agenda being forced onto the country.

Touting Iowa’s testing capacity as a success undermines the state’s ability to stop the spread and protect the public health: