Fast-tracked legislation will make it more difficult for Iowa seniors and those with disabilities to participate in elections

DES MOINES – Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rep. Ross Wilburn released the following statement after Kim Reynolds signed S.F. 413, a fast-tracked bill that immediately makes it more difficult for Iowans to participate in the democratic process:

“Iowans have always had a proud tradition of participating in the democratic process with accessible and secure elections. Today, Kim Reynolds and Iowa Republicans have made it more difficult for Iowans, especially seniors and those with disabilities, to be part of this process and have their voices heard. Despite Iowans and local election officials’ overwhelming opposition, Kim Reynolds and Republicans in the legislature fast-tracked these dramatic changes. This isn’t about improving our election process, it’s about continuing the Republican Party’s outrageous lies and attacks on the democratic process across the country. Iowans will see these changes for what they really are, an attempt to suppress the voice of Iowans and make it more difficult for our friends and neighbors to hold elected officials accountable.”