REYNOLDS RECORD: Extreme Partisanship Over Women’s Health

//REYNOLDS RECORD: Extreme Partisanship Over Women’s Health

On International Women’s Day, the Iowa Democratic Party is reminding the women of Iowa of Governor Kim Reynolds’ record of putting partisan, special interests ahead of women’s health. The Iowa Senate recently passed what would be the most extreme anti-choice law in the nation, a bill that Reynolds’ own record suggests she would sign into law.

Last year, when talking about a bill that would ban all abortion after 20 weeks without exceptions for rape or incest, Reynolds said she was “proud” to be part of that effort.

“From her own comments, it’s clear that Iowans can expect more extreme, right-wing leadership from Governor Reynolds on choice,” said Iowa Democratic Party Spokesperson Tess Seger. “Instead of focusing on the real problems families in our state accessing affordable health care, Governor Reynolds has consistently advocated for taking away their options. We desperately need new leadership that will serve the people of our state, not extreme, conservative special interests.” 

In May 2017, Reynolds Said “I Believe that Life Begins at Conception.” 
During an interview with Iowa Public Radio, Chris Masters asked, “Did you support the personhood bill?” Kim Reynolds Responded, “I believe that life begins at conception but I’m in favor of saving babies and life. That is what they were able to do this year.” [Iowa Public Radio, 5/2/17]

In May 2017, Reynolds Said, “Abortion is Unconscionable.” 
During an interview with Iowa Public Radio, Kim Reynolds said, “I’m glad that they were able to get something done this year, and so they did the three day notice and the sonogram and the 20-week ban, and the majority of Iowans and I think Americans believe that at 20-weeks abortion is unconscionable.” [Iowa Public Radio, 5/2/17]

In March 2017, Reynolds Touted Republican Efforts to Pass a 20 Week Abortion Ban Saying, “How Proud I am to Be Part of the Most Pro-Life Administration in the History of Iowa.”According to WHO TV, “‘How proud I am to be part of the most pro-life administration in the history of Iowa,’ cheered Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, who is getting set to take over as governor when Terry Branstad resigns to become the next U.S. Ambassador to China.

All touted Republican efforts to pass a 20 week abortion ban. The House Human Resources committee passed a bill to do that Wednesday night. The senate already approved a similar measure.” [WHO TV, 3/30/17]

In May 2017, Reynolds Championed the Passing of a 20 Week Abortion Ban.
During an interview with Iowa Public Radio, Reynolds Said, “Well, you know, first of all I’m proud of the pro-life community. We had all the groups come together this year in collaboration and I think that was the right thing to do. They were working for a life at conception bill. They weren’t able to get that done but were able to at least protect life by implementing the 20-week ban.” [Iowa Public Radio, 5/2/17]

In January 2018, Reynolds Bragged About the 20 Week Abortion Ban in her Condition of the State Address
During her Condition of the State Address, Reynolds used medically-inaccurate, incendiary language to brag about the 20 Week Abortion Ban: “We protected life, standing up for the most vulnerable by prohibiting late-term abortions. And we will never stop working to protect the unborn.” [Office of the Governor, 1/9/18]

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