The impact of Kim Reynolds’ Budget Crisis is being felt in every aspect of Iowa life. From cuts to our schools, health care and economic opportunities, working Iowans can’t seem to escape from the fallout of this governor’s horrible mismanagement of our tax dollars.

Without access to quality, affordable health care, Iowans can’t reach their full potential,” said Iowa Democratic Party Spokesperson Tess Seger. “The Reynolds Budget Crisis has imperiled our fundamental rights as Iowans. It’s time for leadership that will put their responsibility to the people of Iowa ahead of partisan loyalties and campaign donations.”


Here are just a few ways Kim Reynolds has hurt Iowans ability to receive quality care:

June 2015: Two mental health centers close as a result of Branstad-Reynolds administration cuts. To make matters worse, three men from the Clarinda facility died shortly after being transferred.

April 2017: 800 jobs are cut from the Department of Human Services, leading to a stoppage of investigations into neglect claims.

May 2017: Reynolds’ budget cuts force Planned Parenthood to close four of twelve centers providing basic health care to rural and working Iowa women.

July 2017: Two of the five Domestic Violence Intervention Program offices are closed. Reynolds also eliminates funding for ten critical Department of Public Health programs, including the Epilepsy Foundation, Melanoma Research, and Autism Assistance Program.

August 2017: Reynolds Administration eliminates virtually all staff visits to nursing homes, crippling the ability to investigate claims of abuse and neglect.

October 2017: Reynolds cuts to medical examiner’s office leads to a backlog autopsies; Des Moines Register concludes “Not even death spares you from Iowa’s budget cuts.”

January 2018: Reynolds plans $10 million in Medicaid cuts, receiving condemnation from both sides of the aisle. Meanwhile, reports note that patients are suffering due to lack of services and continued mismanagement.

March 2018: Iowa Department of Aging announces that it will be providing 50,000 fewer meals to low income Iowa seniors due to Reynolds’ cuts.