Reminder: Trump Opposes The Wind Energy That Keeps Iowa Running

Trump has an abysmal record on wind energy. Today, as President Biden travels to Colorado to tour CS Wind, the largest wind tower manufacturer in the world, it’s important to remember just how hostile Trump has been toward wind energy and what a second term could mean for renewable energy and jobs in Iowa, a leader in the American wind industry. Iowa is the second largest producer of wind energy in the country, and 64% of Iowans’ energy production comes from wind, a new record as we continue to be a green-energy leader under the Biden-Harris administration. Trump’s threats to roll back the IRA is a threat to roll back progress, cost savings, and jobs for Iowans.

Here’s what you should know about Trump’s wind record:

  • Trump has placed the Inflation Reduction Act and its incentives for clean energy in his “crosshairs”.

  • Trump has repeatedly pushed increasingly bizarre, unfounded conspiracy theories surrounding wind energy.

  • Trump also falsely said in Iowa that wind energy was “the most expensive” form of energy, when in reality it was less than half the cost of the cheapest fossil fuel last year.