Friday, September 18, 2020


A Reminder: Miller-Meeks Wants To Sell Out Seniors, Raise Age Of Retirement

Miller-Meeks refuses to backtrack from her apathetic plan to raise the age of retirement, affecting Medicare and Social Security for seniors

DES MOINES  — Rita Hart, after being endorsed by the Alliance for Retired Americans this week, reminded Iowans that raising the retirement age for Social Security is a complete “deal breaker” for her and that she will always fight for Iowa’s seniors. However, the same cannot be said of State Sen. Marianette Miller-Meeks — in fact, Miller-Meeks has advocated for raising the age of retirement for Iowa seniors, affecting the guarantee of care given to seniors through both Medicare and Social Security.

This is not Miller-Meeks’ first attack on the health and well-being of seniors: in 2008, she said that she supported privatizing Social Security, a move that would completely obliterate the government promise of protecting seniors and the hard-earned benefits for working Iowans. Miller-Meeks also continues to refuse to denounce the GOP-backed lawsuit in court right now to completely eliminate the ACA, which has the potential to destroy access to care for hundreds of thousands of Iowans and reverse guaranteed protections for pre-existing conditions.

“State Sen. Miller-Meeks has a long history of working against guaranteed care and protection for seniors and working Iowans alike,” said IDP spokesperson Samantha Kennedy. “Raising the age of retirement would not only undermine the promise made to Iowa’s seniors, but it’s an apathetic way to cut corners instead of finding real solutions. In Congress, Rita Hart will always put the health and wellbeing of all Iowans, especially seniors, first.”