Friday, September 18, 2020


Congressional Candidate Hinson Doesn’t Believe ‘Every American Wants Health Insurance’ During Global Pandemic

In an IPR interview, Hinson revealed exactly how out of touch and in the pocket of special interest she is by claiming Iowans don’t want health care

DES MOINES  — In an interview with Iowa Public Radio this week, State Rep. Ashley Hinson reached new extremes in defense of her anti-health care record. When pressed about her lack of support for affordable, high-quality health care for Iowans, Hinson boldly stated “I don’t think every American wants health insurance.”

This confession is just the latest in Hinson’s line of attacks on health care: she has continuously refused to denounce the GOP-backed lawsuit to rip away the entire ACA and coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. During her time in the state legislature, Hinson also supported privatizing Medicaid — a policy that the overwhelming majority of Iowans agree is failing and has lowered the quality of care they receive.

Here’s what Ashley Hinson had to say to Iowa Public Radio: 

HOST: Do you believe that access to affordable health care and guaranteed health care coverage should be considered a right of every American?

HINSON: Well, I think access to health care is very important, insurance is a different thing. I don’t think every American wants health insurance and I don’t think that’s something the government has to provide to every American.

“The fact that Ashley Hinson could say that Iowans don’t want health care during a global pandemic is an insult to the 76,000 Iowans who have gotten sick from COVID-19,” said IDP spokesperson Samantha Kennedy. “Hinson is completely unable to stand up for working Iowans because she’s bought-and-paid-for by special interests and the GOP establishment in Washington. Iowans deserve a representative with a record of fighting for their access to health care like Congresswoman Finkenauer, not someone like Hinson who wants to dismantle their national health system and leave people with pre-existing conditions behind.”