Blindly Pushing Her Party’s Agenda, Senator Ernst Called for Iowa to “Reopen” At End of April Despite New Outbreaks and Peak Yet to Come

Senator Ernst’s Reckless Push Comes as Polling Shows Voters Trust Democrats More to Responsibly Guide Our Country Through the Crisis

Today – the date Senator Joni Ernst pushed for Iowa to “reopen” –  Iowa faces a record of 740 new cases and 8 deaths and continues to receive national attention for forcing Iowans into unsafe work conditions

In the two weeks since Senator Ernst made her comments, she has continued to write off the severity of Iowa’s health and economic crisis that has only worsened. Senator Ernst outrageously claimed Iowa has “fared pretty well,” despite Iowa being one of the only five states still seeing a growth in spread and is yet to reach its daily peak in deaths.

The failed leadership in this crisis from Senator Ernst and her GOP leaders hasn’t been lost on Iowans. A new poll showed 64% of voters don’t want Iowa to reopen until mid-to-late May at the earliest, and as Senator Ernst continues to brush off alarms from Iowa medical experts, voters trust Democrats over the GOP to guide our country out of this pandemic.

As Iowans continue to battle the spreading virus while the GOP blocks relief for state and local governments, here is only a sample of the countless times Senator Ernst turned a blind eye to the unprecedented loss across Iowa: