The following remarks were made by IDP Chair Troy Price at a press conference in Des Moines:

Thank you all for coming today.

Today, the Iowa Democratic Party received two requests for limited-scope recanvass from the Sanders and Buttigieg campaigns, for a total of 143 unique precincts. Within 48 hours, the IDP will return its assessment and a description of next steps to each respective campaign. 

Throughout this process, we thank the campaigns for their patience and open lines of communication. The Sanders and Buttigieg campaigns, in particular their Iowa teams, have been partners with the IDP since the beginning, and we remain committed to bringing the 2020 Iowa Caucus to completion.

It is safe to say, this was not the caucus that the hundreds of thousands of Iowa Democrats deserved.

As I said a week ago, I apologize deeply for this. We were faced with reporting challenges caucus night, and decided, out of an abundance of caution, to protect the integrity of the Iowa Caucus results by taking the necessary steps to review and confirm the data.

This experience is personal for me. In my two decades in Iowa politics, this party has been my life, my work, and my passion. Nearly every day has been shared with Democrats across the state striving for a vision bigger than ourselves and expanding our Democratic community from river to river – and everywhere in between.

You will not find a more dedicated or capable Democratic force in the country. My commitment to them is absolute, and I cannot imagine where our state and country would be without their leadership.

In this caucus, our work is not done. Despite the challenges we face – together, we will see this through to its completion. 

Additionally, I recognize that we have not been able to provide an answer to every question over the last week. It can appear that outside voices are speaking freely, but the Iowa Democratic Party is not.

I want to make something clear.

This is not a PR exercise for us. This is upholding our core mission, which is delivering a full and complete caucus, and building a coalition to beat Donald Trump.

In every step of this process, we have held high our responsibility to not rush to judgement. To ensure that the information we share are the facts and nothing else. And to stay focused on our end goal, and not let distractions hamper our progress.

Our character is proven in our commitment – the commitment that drove the second-highest caucus turnout ever with over 176,000 caucusgoers, short only to 2008. By most accounts, the caucus meetings were well-organized, well-equipped, and shining successes.

No matter what the story is at the end of the day, I will never, ever forget that proud work of Democrats who stepped up in their communities to help our party succeed – and I will do everything I can to ensure that their leadership is honored and unquestioned.

In the coming days, you should expect additional information coming from the IDP on the status of the requests for recanvass, as we move toward bringing the caucus to completion.

Again, thank you for coming here today, and I’m happy to take a few questions.