DES MOINES — Upon today’s noon CST deadline for a presidential campaign to request a recanvass, the Iowa Democratic Party announced it has received two requests, both of which are limited in scope. Today, the Sanders campaign filed requests for recanvass for 28 precincts, and the Buttigieg campaign filed requests for recanvass for 66 precincts and all in-state satellite precincts – a total of 143 precincts, removing duplicities. These requested precincts are listed here.

In accordance with the IDP Delegate Selection Plan, the Recount/Recanvass Committee will review the requests to determine whether each meets the required standard. The RRC will transmit its assessment of the requests to each respective campaign within 48 hours.

In the event of a recanvass, the IDP will analyze the requested precincts to correct any inconsistencies between the reported results and their official record of result from caucus night, as signed by the precinct chair, secretary, and representatives of campaigns.