The following remarks were delivered by IDP Chair Troy Price at a press conference in Des Moines:

Thank you for coming here today.

As I’ve stated, the challenges in reporting data, and delays in publicizing results were categorically unacceptable. Iowa Democrats demand better of us, and we demand better of ourselves – and last night brought us one step closer to bringing the 2020 Iowa Caucus to completion.

Last night, the Iowa Democratic Party reported the last remaining records of result from 1,765 precincts across Iowa, the nation, and overseas. It has been and continues to be our top priority to ensure that the data we have collected and reported accurately reflects the data as reported by each precinct chair.

That process continues today.

This morning, the IDP informed campaigns of two new steps over the coming days to ensure that the numbers we reported match the records from caucus night.

First, we are providing presidential campaigns the opportunity to submit evidence of data entry inaccuracies, and we will work to make necessary corrections. Campaigns have until tomorrow at noon to send that information. In this process, the IDP will compare the reported numbers with the records of result from caucus night to ensure the integrity of our reporting.

Additionally, this morning the IDP extended the deadline for presidential campaigns to file for a recanvass or recount. Campaigns now have until noon on Monday to file a request.

I want to express my profound gratitude to the thousands of volunteers for their leadership, patience, and perseverance to see this caucus through to its full report. Their selfless service and unrelenting spirit is the hallmark of Iowa Democrats.

By most accounts, the organizers of the precinct meetings ran successful inclusive caucuses.

Over 1,500 caucusgoers participated in the process in satellite locations – in senior living centers, Mosques, labor unions, and overseas. And, the caucuses empowered Iowa Democrats to make their voices heard – no matter how they communicate. We hosted first-of-their-kind Spanish language and sign language caucuses.

Simply put, these past 13 months have displayed the largest showing Democratic spirit I’ve seen in a caucus. Iowans are investing themselves in changing the future, building a nation we’re proud of, and beating Donald Trump to ensure our government is represented by and works for every single one of us.

I am endlessly proud of their work, and today, until the process is complete, I will honor their service by making the reforms we need to earn their trust.

Today the Iowa Democratic Party Operations Committee has begun a full, independent forensic review of the Caucus: what went right, what went wrong, from start to finish. 

This review will take however long is needed, and its report will be delivered directly to the State Central Committee. Again, this review is completely independent from myself as the Chair, our Vice Chairs, Executive Director and Caucus Director, and is accountable directly to representatives elected directly by Iowa Democrats.

Again, I want to thank you for coming here today, and I am happy to respond to your questions as best I can – with the understanding that there are questions I will be able to answer in the coming days and months that I cannot answer at this time.

On Monday, we will hold another press conference, whose details will be announced in due time.

Thank you.