DES MOINES – Ahead of Donald Trump’s rally in Des Moines, the Iowa Democratic Party hosted a press call with agricultural leaders to call out Trump’s three years of broken promises to Iowa farmers. IDP Chair Troy Price, Focus on Rural America Chair and former Lt. Gov. Patty Judge, Pam Johnson, and Tim Gannon spoke to reporters about the damage Trump’s administration has inflicted on Iowa’s rural economy.

Despite campaigning on a promise to defend Iowa farmers, Trump’s administration has delivered a disastrous trade war that has cost Iowa jobs, punitive small refinery waivers for oil and gas companies, and contempt for family farmers. As president, he has overseen declining farm income, rising farm debt, and mounting challenges for farmers across Iowa.

Troy Price, Chair, Iowa Democratic Party:

“As a candidate, Donald Trump came to Iowa and promised to stand with farmers. As president, he has broken that promise again and again, throwing farmers’ livelihoods into chaos. Nothing Trump says tonight can spin a failed presidency that has slashed crop prices and spiked farm debt. It’s no wonder Iowans are energized like never before ahead of Monday’s caucuses. Iowa farmers deserve better than a president who spews empty promises while catering to the demands of a few powerful interests.”

Patty Judge, Chair, Focus on Rural America and Former Lt. Governor of Iowa:

“Iowans aren’t interested in hearing Donald Trump offer more promises that he won’t keep. Having crafted some of the biofuels policies that have driven economic opportunity in rural Iowa, I’m deeply saddened to see him prioritize waivers for Exxon and Chevron over farmers and homegrown biofuel facilities, abandoning the engines that drive many small towns and rural economies.

“Fortunately, 2020 does bring hope. Our Democratic candidates are forming rural plans, visiting biofuel facilities, and listening to rural Americans. They are doing the work, and they are ready to beat Trump.”

Pam Johnson, Former President, National Corn Growers Association and Sixth-Generation Iowa Farmer:

“In 2016, Donald Trump promised rural voters that he would invest in biofuels and ‘fight for farmers like no one has before.’ Instead, he broke those promises to uphold the Renewable Fuel Standard. As a result, ethanol and biodiesel plants in Iowa shuttered, Iowans lost jobs and farmers lost critical markets. Biofuels and agriculture-based manufacturing are economic engines for our farms and rural communities. Yet, time and time again, Trump has sold us out to massive oil and gas companies. After three years, he’s made clear where his priorities lie: with powerful oil interests, not rural Iowa.”

Tim Gannon, 2018 Candidate for Secretary of Agriculture and Fifth-Generation Iowa Farmer:

“Donald Trump never fails to talk himself up as a friend to farmers. Yet, from sparking a senseless trade war to stabbing Iowans in the back on biofuels, his presidency has delivered nothing but chaos for rural Iowa. He’s panicking ahead of next week’s caucuses, because rural Iowans see right through his hollow rhetoric. We deserve better, and we’re mobilizing to send a genuine ally to the White House.”