While Miller-Meeks hides from her constituents, Christina Bohannan runs toward them

Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks can’t hide from her record on IVF. 

Iowa Democrats won’t let voters forget Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks’s record of supporting a ban on IVF. 

Representative Miller-Meeks previously went on record in support of the Life At Conception Act, which would have threatened access to IVF by granting embryos constitutional protection from the ‘moment of fertilization.’ Now that these attacks on IVF are in the national spotlight, she’s dodging questions and hiding from her record

But Miller-Meeks’ Democratic challenger, Christina Bohannan, isn’t

While Miller-Meeks has yet to host a public town hall and listen to her constituents, Bohannan is working hard to speak to voters and ensure they know that she’ll fight for their freedom to control their bodies.

“When I heard the Alabama ruling, it just made me really angry, that these politicians, or in that case, the judges, would just take the opportunity [to receive IVF treatment] away,” said Christina Bohannan, Democratic Candidate for Congress (CD-1).

Now, Miller-Meeks – seeing that she’s in hot water and polling neck-and-neck with Bohannan – is attempting to sweep her record under the rug by changing her tune to reporters and deciding for “no particular reason” not to sign on to the same bill banning IVF that she previously co-sponsored after it was re-introduced in the current Congress. She then added that she has “some concerns about the ethics around IVF.”

But Miller-Meeks’ base is much more aware of her record than she may like. Now, by satiating her party’s extreme base, Miller-Meeks is hemorrhaging voters in the middle, with some polls showing her neck-and-neck with Bohannan.

“What we have right now in this district is someone who is not there to represent Iowa,”  said Bohannan. “[Miller-Meeks] went to Congress and signed onto a life-at-conception bill. This is way too extreme.”

Even some Republican voters are fed up with Miller-Meeks. Don’t take it from us – take it from Pat Henrickson, a Republican voter who voted for Miller-Meeks in 2022 and is now reconsidering.

“I’m a Catholic and you know, I myself wouldn’t have had an abortion, I don’t think,” said Republican voter Pat Henrickson. “I think every woman needs to have a choice.”

Iowans know where they stand on IVF – and Iowa Democrats stand with them.

“Mariannette Miller-Meeks is no stranger to flip-flopping her stances. Whether it’s running from her position on a woman’s right to choose like she did when I ran against her in 2022, or now her position on IVF, the evidence is clear: she’s willing to change her principles based on the politics of the moment,” said IDP Chair Rita Hart.