MISSING: Rep. Miller-Meeks returns to Iowa for three weeks, so far plans no public town halls

Representatives Miller-Meeks has planned multiple meetings with private businesses, but none with her constituents. Why won’t she hear Iowans’ concerns?

Where is Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks? While the U.S. House is on recess for three weeks, giving legislators time to engage with their constituents, Miller-Meeks certainly is not meeting with the public. 

Is Representative Miller-Meeks running from the questions she knows Iowan constituents will rightfully ask, like:

  • Does Representative  Miller-Meeks still support privatizing Medicare and cutting Social Security?
  • Why did Representative Miller-Meeks vote in 2019 for the same legislation that drew national attention and endangered IVF access in Iowa?
  • Does Representative Miller-Meeks have anything to say on her party’s majority control of the House having led to the most ineffective Congress in U.S. history?

“These weeks away from Washington are not meant to be vacation time or time for our Congressmembers to campaign. They have these weeks off because we expect them to use that time to speak to constituents who would like to engage with them,” said IDP Chair Rita Hart. “It’s extremely frustrating to see that Representative Miller-Meeks is refusing to host public meetings or speak to the media and is hiding from her constituents.”

Graphic of a missing poster with a photo of Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks, displaying text that reads: "MISSING: Rep. Miller Meeks. LAST SEEN: on a three week break; no public town halls planned. Contact us: Iowademocrats.org"