Remarks are the latest example in Miller-Meeks’ disturbing habit of changing her position, politicizing and misleading on IA-02 review process

With thousands of ballots still unexamined and dozens more uncounted in the race for Congress in Iowa’s Second Congressional District, State Senator Mariannette Miller-Meeks has spent the last several weeks directly contradicting her previous positions and repeatedly undermining her own legal argument. 

No matter what new claims she’s making up, it is clear that Miller-Meeks will say anything to stop votes from being counted and seek power for her own political gain. Take a look:

  • Yesterday, Senator Miller-Meeks added her name to a letter from Republicans urging the House of Representatives to investigate the 2020 election citing irregularities. This directly contrasts with her strong objections that the U.S. House review Iowa’s Second District race which is separated by only 6 votes. When asked about her hypocrisy by the press, Miller-Meeks quickly had her name removed from the letter and claimed it was an error. The only problem? Miller-Meeks refused to state clearly whether she supports the effort of her fellow Republicans.
  • This follows Senator Miller-Meeks admitting on Iowa Press that she knows there are votes that have not been counted saying “There were votes that were cast that were for me also that were not counted and that I did not receive,” before flip-flopping to say that all votes have been counted.
  • And Senator Miller-Meeks said she won’t yet resign from the Iowa Senate, acknowledging that there are votes to count that will ultimately decide who has won this race. 

This race is one of the closest races in nearly 100 years and Iowa voters deserve to have their votes counted. Miller-Meeks’ willingness to say anything and try to seize this seat that she has lost three times before makes it clear that she knows that as more Iowans are heard, the margin narrows.