Friday, July 31, 2020


Iowa Dems Dispatch: Highlights from the Hawkeye State

Iowa Democrats had another exciting week full of legislative wins and fighting for the issues that matter most

DES MOINES — With less than 100 days left until Election Day, Iowa Democrats continue to pick up momentum. This week, Democrats up and down the ballot had huge legislative victories for working Iowans in everything from health funding to child care, advocated for campaign finance reform, committed to expanding accessible, affordable health care options, and more.

 Take a look at some of the highlights from Iowa Democrats this week: 

Theresa Greenfield Continues to Champion Affordable Health Care and Accept Zero Dimes of Corporate PAC Money: 

Quad City Times: Greenfield promises to support Medicare, Affordable Care Act, in town hall

In a town hall on Thursday, Theresa promised once again to continue fighting to protect Medicare and the ACA to expand affordable health care options for all Iowans and lower the cost of prescription drugs. Sen. Joni Ernst, who continues to silently support the GOP-backed lawsuit to repeal the ACA and strip Iowans of health coverage, did not attend the event.

The Gazette: Fact Checker: Theresa Greenfield blasts Joni Ernst over ‘illegal contributions’

Theresa’s ad received an “A” rating after exposing Ernst’s history of accepting illegal money from corporations — and paying a hefty fine because of it. Theresa doesn’t accept a dime of corporate PAC money, and especially not illegal contributions that undermine the voices of working Iowans.

Abby Finkenauer Hit the Airwaves While Fighting for Health Funding: 

The Gazette: Finkenauer launches first re-election television ad

Congresswoman Abby Finkenaeur went up on the airwaves in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District with her new ad, “Build Up,” where she told the story of her retired union pipefitter father’s sweatshirt. Finkenauer brings this sweatshirt to Washington, DC with her to remind Congress of the hard-working Iowans she’s fighting for.

Double the Funding for Endometriosis Research at the NIH

Finkenauer also shared her personal story of struggling with endometriosis and used her advocacy to pass an amendment to double research funding for the disease, a meaningful achievement for women living with endometriosis across Iowa.

Rita Hart Advocates for Safer Schools and Campaign Finance Reform: 

The Hill: Democrats look to go on offense in debate over reopening schools

Rita Hart, a former public school teacher for nearly two decades, pushed back against the forced school reopenings that defy local school district’s control. She told The Hill that school reopenings need more careful planning so that Iowans don’t face “a situation where we didn’t plan correctly and then we go back to school for a period of time only to have to shut it down and go back home again.”

The Daily Iowan: Rita Hart calls for overturning Citizens United in virtual rally

At a virtual rally this week, Hart laid out the case for why our country needs campaign finance reform and advocated for overturning Citizens United. Hart has vowed not to take any corporate PAC money for her campaign, and intends to be a voice for eliminating money in politics so every voter can be truly represented  in Congress.

Cindy Axne Fights for Childcare and Iowa Hospitals in the Time of COVID: 

Iowa Capital Dispatch: U.S. House passes package to rescue child care industry

Congresswoman Cindy Axne had another successful week full of legislative wins for Iowans. Two bipartisan bills authored by Axne were included in the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act. The measures both expand the utility of dependent care assistance plans, which families can use to set aside pre-tax income for child care.

KMALand: Axne introduces bill eliminating taxes on federal aid for health care providers

On Wednesday, Axne introduced yet another bipartisan bill to ensure that federal aid for Iowa hospitals, health clinics, and other health care providers is not taxable. This bill is critical to guaranteeing every dollar given to Iowa health systems through the Provider Relief Fund can actually be used to keep Iowans safe and healthy during the pandemic.