Iowa Democratic Party Statement on Republicans Attempts to Reduce Transparency

IDP Chair Rita Hart issued the following statement after the senate passed Senate File 2311 which allows agencies to bypass the auditor’s office.

“Governor Reynolds and Senate Republicans are making one of the best cases for why our state needs to elect some real balance later this year. The last two years, Iowa Republicans have forced through measures to limit the auditor’s oversight ability and reduce transparency. Ironically, Republicans literally used Illinois as the model for this bill. Does that seem wise to anyone who knows Illinois history? It’s important to note that taxpayers would also be on the hook for this more expensive, less efficient system.

Instead of trying to avoid accountability, Republicans need to respect the will of the voters and ensure that our State Auditor is able to track every taxpayer dollar so that all Iowans can have faith in their government. ” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart.