Chair Troy Price Calls on Republicans to Hold Congressman King Accountable for Failure to Represent His Rural Constituents During Farm Bill Process.
The final version of the 2018 Farm Bill passed through Congress today with several changes that protect rural Iowans from GOP-led attacks on food assistance and small, family farms. Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price released the following statement in response:

“This Farm Bill is a victory for Iowa and for bipartisan cooperation. While no legislation is perfect, we applaud our lawmakers’ rejection of the attempt by extreme conservatives to cut benefits for hungry families, many of whom live in our rural communities here in Iowa – especially the two bipartisan victories Congressman Dave Loebsack brought home. We are also pleased that Congressman King’s attempt to rig our economy for big agri-business was soundly defeated in the final version of this bill. 

On that note, it has never been more important for our family farmers and rural communities to have a voice in the future of agriculture, but the people of Iowa’s Fourth District are consistently let down by their Congressman. Despite serving one of the top agricultural districts in the country, Congressman King has thrown farmers and rural families under the bus time and time again in favor of his out-of-touch political games. Even setting aside his divisive and hateful rhetoric, Congressman King has shown himself both unwilling and incapable of performing the basic duties of his office. We urge our friends across the aisle to stiffen their spines and hold him accountable in a meaningful way.”