Iowa Democratic Party Notice of Women’s Constituency Caucus Election

Pursuant to Article 6, Section 3, Sub-section D of the Constitution of the Iowa Democratic Party, the Women’s Caucus of the Iowa Democratic Party will hold elections February 15, 2024 at 8 p.m. for the purposes of electing new officers.

The positions up for election are Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Provisional and Treasurer.

The election will be held virtually over Zoom at the following link: 

Any member of the Democratic Party is eligible to join the Women’s Caucus. We request that folks register in advance so that Constituency Caucuses have time to verify the registration of participating individuals.

After new officers have been elected, the Women’s Caucus will hear from keynote speaker Michelle Johnson. Johnson is a retired Air Force Lieutenant General and former senior vice president and head of referee operations for the NBA. She is from Spencer, Iowa.