In response to Vice President Pence’s visit to Iowa on Wednesday, the Iowa Democratic Party highlighted the War on Working Families the GOP has waged in Iowa and across the county. Vice President Pence, Governor Kim Reynolds, Congressman David Young, and Republicans consistently help corporations and special interests while hurting workers and families.

Between an escalating trade war hurting our farmers, dangerous tax plan, and massive giveaways of tax dollars to wealthy corporations at the expense of education and health care services, it is clear: the GOP does not care about Iowa’s working families.

“What the GOP has been doing to working families is unacceptable and dangerous,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price. “Quite simply, we cannot afford another four years of Kim Reynolds’ or Republicans’ control. It is time for people first progressive leadership. That is why it is so critical to vote for Democrats up and down the ticket in November.”

Iowans deserve leaders that are on their side. Governor Reynolds, Congressman Young, and Republicans in DC are not those leaders.

“All of Iowa’s lawmakers need to bring this message to this administration in the most clear terms possible: Stop the foolish political games and get to work for Iowa farmers and families,” said Aaron Lehman, fifth generation farmer from rural Polk County.

“If agriculture and trade collapse, no Iowan will be safe from the devastation,” said John Whitaker, farmer from Van Buren and Henry Counties. “But this doesn’t seem to bother Governor Reynolds or Representative Young. Instead, they welcome the President and Vice President here with open arms.  And then they tell us that they discussed this self-inflicted trade war and are concerned about its effects. I have said it before, discussions and concerns will not pay the bills this fall!”

“You know the saying, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?’ Well, it’s broke. This tax scam is hurting my business, my workers, and my livelihood, and I’m not alone. The fact Kim Reynolds, David Young, and Republicans in Iowa refuse to be on our side, on the workers side, is unacceptable.” said Matt Yegge, who runs his family’s small business in Des Moines.

“The Federal tax plan will add $1.9 Trillion to the deficit and the Republicans have no plan to pay for it, and if they follow Kim Reynolds’ lead, it will come out of schools and other services Americans rely on to succeed,” said Des Moines Metro Area teacher Heather Anderson. “My students deserve a chance to succeed and contribute to a brighter, stronger future for Iowa. That’s why I’m ready to end the GOP’s War on Working Families and vote them out this November.”