Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a private event in Des Moines, just miles from the Iowa State Fairgrounds where farmers and Iowa residents impacted by the Trump Administration’s trade war are gathered. Instead of taking the opportunity to talk directly to concerned Iowans who are already suffering because of the administration’s reckless actions, Pence kept driving, opting to hold a closed door fundraiser instead.

Unlike other politician visiting the state and making a point to stop by the State Fair during this ten day stretch, Pence’s decision to avoid talking to Iowans at the State Fair makes it clear the administration’s priorities do not include the well-being of Iowa’s farmers or agriculture industry.

SHOT: Vice President Pence in Des Moines: ‘Keep standing with this president’ and ‘We will never stop fighting until American farmers win’

“Pence did not visit the Iowa State Fair, where Iowa’s farmers are congregating through the weekend and where issues of trade and tariffs have dominated conversations.”

CHASER: Tariffs dominate discussions inside the Iowa State Fair’s livestock barns

“At the Iowa State Fair, the state’s official celebration of agriculture, trade wars are getting as much discussion as crop conditions, weather and the Big Boar competition.

Escalating tariffs with China, Mexico, Canada and other trade partners have slammed Iowa, a national leader in pork, corn, soybean, egg, beef and milk production.”