54 member delegation will represent Iowa at the Democratic National Convention in August

DES MOINES — Today, the Iowa Democratic Party announced the results of the State Convention, including the 54 members of Iowa’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention. 1,781 Iowa Democrats voted in the State Convention, which was conducted through online forms and mail-in ballots to protect public health during the global pandemic. The State Convention Rules Committee approved the results of the Convention elections today.

From May 25-30, elections were held in 4 District Conventions for 27 district delegates and 4 alternate delegate spots. Balloting for the State Convention ran from June 3-10 to elect 9 at-large delegates, 1 at-large alternative, and 5 PLEOs (Party Leaders and Elected Officials) in addition to the 8 automatic delegates. The Presidential delegation breakdown is: 20 Biden, 12 Buttigieg, 1 Klobuchar, 9 Sanders, and 5 Warren. Iowa’s national delegation will be represented by 26 women, 25 men, and 3 non-binary delegates. The full list of delegates can be found at: theconventions.org.  

“Iowa Democrats have a chance to change the direction of our state at every level, and we’re not taking our foot off the gas,” said IDP Chair Mark Smith. “Our caucus and conventions have been incredible examples of dedicated, grassroots organizing work of thousands of Iowans who have participated in this process. Although we weren’t able to gather in person to celebrate our newly-nominated candidates, safety is our highest priority as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve got an incredibly strong slate of candidates who are using creative ways to reach voters and turn primary election momentum into wins up-and-down the ticket in November. I’m proud to lead this team of dedicated Iowa Democrats and elected officials as we join our fellow democrats from across the country to nominate our next president.”

In April, the party announced that it would conduct the entire 2020 convention through online forms and mail-in ballots to keep Iowans safe during the global pandemic. The updated process was based on conversations with County Chairs, the State Central Committee and party leaders. The changes to the Delegate Selection Plan were approved unanimously by the State Central Committee in April to fulfill the party’s overall goal of electing democrats up-and-down the ticket while protecting public health. 

More information on the convention process and additional committee elections can be found at: theconventions.org.