IDP Chair Rita Hart Spotlights Reality Of Scott/Reynolds Assault On Public Education Ahead Of Town Hall


Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart issued the following statement ahead of Tim Scott’s town hall with Governor Reynolds. Scott has publicly been very supportive of the Governor’s policies that defund public schools and even visited a private school with her during one of their last joint events to highlight the policy.


“Tim Scott wants to take the Governor’s assault on public education nationwide. Our public schools already financially struggle to cover all that we ask them to do. Now, Republicans are taking more money out of that system to help subsidize the cost of private schools for the smallest fraction of students while leaving the overwhelming majority with less to go around. This attack on public education is wrong for Iowa and very wrong for our country.”


Here’s what you need to know about the policy Scott says he’s “fighting for”.

  • Iowans strongly disagree with this program, which takes public money out of public schools.

  • Nearly half of Iowa’s counties don’t have private schools making this program largely inaccessible for many Iowans.

  • Private school tuition increased in many schools statewide immediately after the enactment of this program with some schools increasing as much as 40%.

  • Despite this, Scott has called for a nationwide system similar to Iowa’s.