Trump Praises Chinese Communist Party While in Iowa

Des Moines – While in Cedar Rapids last night, Donald Trump was asked about President Xi. Here is how he responded: “Think of President Xi, central casting, brilliant guy. You know, when I say he’s brilliant, everyone says, ‘Oh that’s terrible,’ Well, he runs 1.4 billion people with an iron fist. Smart, brilliant, everything perfect. There’s nobody in Hollywood like this guy.” The facts say otherwise.

“This should go without saying but the word perfect doesn’t belong in the same breath as the leader of the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP has a long record of oppression, brutality, supporting America’s enemies, and cheating economically for decades. They’ve hurt Iowans specifically by stealing American agricultural intellectual property and continued ravaging our farmers during the trade war. Unfortunately, Trump has made it routine to heap praise on some of the cruelest world leaders like Xi, Kim Jong Un, and Putin. Iowans want a leader who will stand up for American values, not praise some of the worst dictators in the world,” said IDP Chair Rita Hart