On the heels of Arizona passing a near-total ban on abortion, Iowa Republicans are set to argue their own extreme ban

Iowa Republicans passed a framework this week for Governor Reynolds’ six-week abortion ban as they continue their crusade against women’s reproductive rights.

This framework is confusing for Iowa’s medical professionals and  leaves Iowa open to an IVF ban similar to that which we saw in Alabama earlier this year.

Iowa’s six-week abortion ban has been blocked by the courts and hasn’t yet gone into effect. Tomorrow, on the heels of a near-total abortion ban that was just approved by legislators in Arizona, the Iowa Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for the case.

“Iowa Republicans are continuing to force through Kim Reynold’s unpopular abortion ban and they won’t stop until women have been completely stripped of their freedom to make their own reproductive choices that range from taking birth control to choosing to grow their family through IVF,” said IDP Chair Rita Hart. “I’m appalled by the fact that women in our state and across the nation wake up each morning and have fewer rights than they did the day before. It’s time to vote out these extreme Republicans and bring some balance back to our statehouse.” 

The framework that Iowa Republicans approved bans abortion procedures  “when cardiac activity can be detected in the embryo.”  This terminology is misleading, not based in medical science, and confusing for Iowa doctors. Physicians who specialize in reproductive health say:

“What we’re really detecting is a grouping of cells that are initiating some electrical activity. In no way is this detecting a functional cardiovascular system or a functional heart,” said Dr. Jennifer Kerns, OB-GYN, University of California-San Francisco

This framework was approved while still containing several issues that leave Iowans and Iowa healthcare providers in the dark.

“Because so much of this bill did not really include medical terminology when it was passed, I think that it is unfortunate that we have these rules in place and will be in effect before the court case is determined,” said Senator Cindy Winckler (D-Davenport).