Monday, September 21, 2020


ICYMI: Ashley Hinson Doubles Down On Her Push For Raiding 401K For Family & Medical Leave, Encourages “Creativity” For Iowans Without Retirement Savings

Hinson doubled down on her anti-worker suggestion for Iowans to just “borrow from their 401k” instead of accessing paid family leave

DES MOINES — In an Iowa Public radio interview last week, State Rep. Ashley Hinson refused to apologize for her opposition to paid family and medical leave and out-of-touch suggestion that working Iowans just “borrow from their 401K” in order to afford the bare-minimum time off they need to care for their health and families.

Instead, she took her anti-worker agenda to a new extreme: she doubled down and shamelessly suggested that Iowans without retirement savings or a 401K just look for “creativity” when attempting to care for a newborn or loved one.

Here’s what Ashley Hinson had to say on River to River

LISTENER: Last week you said that families struggling to afford their child care should pull from their 401Ks, but like a lot of families, I don’t have a 401K. Since you oppose guaranteed paid family leave, what’s your plan for families like mine to get affordable child care?

HINSON: Well, what I said was that was an option for paid family leave, but I would encourage creativity in plans to do that.

“Hinson’s time in the state legislature had been riddled with attacks on working Iowans, including her votes to deny a minimum wage increase to her constituents and gut union’s right to collectively bargain. Now, she’s taking her out-of-touch and anti-worker agenda to new heights by doubling down on a tone-deaf plan to force Iowans to use their hard-earned retirement savings for paid family or medical leave,” said IDP spokesperson Samantha Kennedy. “Iowans should not have to look for ‘creativity’ in order to care for their families, they deserve representatives like Congresswoman Finkenauer who will fight for paid leave in Washington.”