Iowa GOP Senator Tells Iowa GOP Governor To Explain Her Record To Iowans
Senator Chuck Grassley’s message to Kim Reynolds is clear: end your campaign of negative personal attacks, introduce yourself to Iowans, and quit hiding from your record as governor.

Cedar Rapids Gazette: ‘Stick to policy,’ Grassley advises Iowa GOP in wake of party’s anti Hubbell ads

After attacking him before the polls were even closed on election day, vulnerable Kim Reynolds became the first Iowa statewide candidate to launch negative TV ads spreading misleading and cherry-picked stories about Fred Hubbell.

Sen. Grassley’s got a point: Why isn’t Reynolds talking about her record as governor?

With very little digging, it’s not hard to see why she’s doing everything she can to distract voters away: Reynolds’ tenure in office is hallmarked by cutting health care, education funding, job training services, and ending programs Iowans depend on to be successful.

“Governor Reynolds has failed Iowans, and with no positive vision to run on she has decided to resort to negative personal attacks instead of taking about her vision for the future. Even Republican Leader Chuck Grassley can see that her strategy won’t work. While the GOP fights out their message strategy in the press, the Democratic Party will continue to talk about the issues and values that Iowans care about – affordable health care, good jobs, strong schools, and more opportunities for Iowans,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.