Brenna Bird thinks Trump should be immune from murder charges

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird has shown her far-right, MAGA extremist hand. This week, Bird signed a brief to the United States Supreme Court saying that Donald Trump should be immune from criminal prosecution, simply because he was at one point President.

Republican lawyers argue in the brief that: “the Presidency itself cannot retain its vital independence, if the President faces criminal prosecution for official acts once he leaves office” and “the scope of immunity should extend to the ‘outer perimeter of a President’s official acts’ and its protection should be absolute, not qualified.” 

Bird and the Republicans are echoing the logic of Donald Trump’s attornies – who argued in February that Trump could order Seal Team Six to murder his political opponents and be immune from prosecution.  

If Attorney General Brenna Bird truly believed in the rule of law — like she should, given her position — she would allow the judicial system to do its business, whether or not it helps the leader of her party.

“Attorney General Bird is putting partisan politics and personal ambition above the law and is disrespecting the office she holds,” said IDP Chair Rita Hart. “No person is above the law in the United States, and that’s exactly how it should remain.”